A First Glimpse of Mt. Fuji


After what felt like a mammoth trip and certainly the longest, I have ever spent travelling – we finally arrived in Japan.
It was late when we arrived. Therefore dark, so very difficult to absorb my surroundings or even believe that I was now actually in Japan.
The next day…
With very little sleep, I set off alone for a short walk. I wanted a moment to orientate myself and witness my surroundings. Was I really here? I asked myself.
Visiting Japan had been something I’d talked about a lot throughout my life, but never imagined it to become a reality.
Prior to setting out, I had no idea that we were on the coast. In fact, because the whole trip had been planned for us by Scott Langley Sensei (for which I am very grateful), I had taken little notice of any, of the finer details.
Ordinarily, when I travel, I am very rehearsed in the smallest of everything.
The beach presented beautifully, in the early morning light. The Sea was flooded with an Army of Surfers.
As I walked along the coast, I enjoyed the smell of the air and the sights and sounds surrounding me.
Glancing ahead, I caught site of her. Fuji san. A sight to behold. I hadn’t expected to see her – given that I had no idea of my true whereabouts, at this time.
Emotion flooded my soul.
I was greeted by an elderly gentleman. He bowed in my direction. I responded with “Konichiwa”. He smiled and responded with “Good morning”. I had a tear in my eye.
He asked “First time you see her?” (Meaning Mount Fuji). I replied “Yes”. He said “very beautiful, isn’t she?”. He then hugged me. It felt like a very special moment. Above us a Sea Hawk soared, sounding her beautiful cry.
My senses were ablaze.
This trip was a tough one for me. No longer in my youth and carrying a great deal of injury, the physical demand was a constant reminder of my now restrictions. I dug deep. I wanted to perform well and to ensure that I represented the HDKI well – though there were times when I very much felt like this was a push too hard.
Some years ago now, following a motorcycle accident – much of my body and some of my mind was and remains broken. I fought hard to regain my physical ability and have since been able to retrain my mind – but not without a continuing struggle. What motivated me, is a mystery. Whatever it was, I am grateful for the sight of Fuji. She’s a beauty & during the trip, when I was at my lowest – I would reflect on that magical moment.

Author: Editorial Team