Calendar of Global Events

Keep up to date with all of our events, they can be found on the HDKI App.
2019 is looking very busy!  Keep an eye out for more details for each date.

8 Jun, Dublin, Ireland
7 Sep, Dublin, Ireland with Rick Hotton
30 Nov-1 Dec, Dublin, Ireland

4-7 Jul, Odder, Denmark (HDKI Summer Camp with Rick Hotton and Simon Bligh)

31 May-2 Jun, Osthammer, Sweden
14-15 Dec, Karlskrona, Sweden

15-16 Jun, Birmingham, UK
28 Sep, Exeter, UK
29 Sep, Birmingham, UK
7-8 Dec, Birmingham,UK with Kawawada Sensei

25-27 Oct, Hamilton, Ohio, USA Scott Langley & Rick Hotton

For more details about any of the above please look at the HDKI Facebook page or the HDKI(countryname) facebook page.
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Author: Editorial Team