Calendar of Global Events


8th September 2018  Chrissie Howard and Andrea Carbon at Hombu Dojo, Dublin
10th November 2018   Scott in Abbeyfeale, Co Kerry
1st December 2018   Simon Bligh, Tom Kompier and Scott, Christmas Course, Dublin
28th Jan – 3rd Feb 2019   Kangeiko, Hombu Dojo, Dublin

14th-16th September 2018   Scott in Kongsburg, Norway

22nd-23rd September 2018    Scott in Stockholm
6th – 7th October 2018   Scott in Umea, Northern Sweden
23rd-25th November 2018   Scott in Falun, Sweden
15th – 16th December 2018  Scott in Karlskrona, Sweden, HDKI Sweden Christmas course

15th September 2018   Andrea Carbon, Squad Session, Shogai dojo
29th September 2018   Scott in Exeter
29th September 2018   Simon Bligh in Cheltenham, Training and Grading
30th September 2018   Scott in Birmingham
13th October 2018   HDKI GB Nationals, Wolverhampton
10th November 2018   Simon Bligh in Sanjo, Preston – Course and Kyu Grading
11th November 2018    Scott in London
8th – 9th December 2018   Rick Jackson and Scott in Birmingham, HDKI GB Christmas course

19th – 21st October 2018    Rick Hotton and Scott in Cincinnati
22nd – 24th February 2019 Winter Keiko, Florida with Scott Langley & Rick Hotton

27th October to 7th November 2018    Japan Trip

17th – 18th November 2018   Rick Hotton and Scott in Dundee, Scotland

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Author: Editorial Team