Sanjo Dojo – Student Profile

Sanjo Dojo Student Profile – Phoenix Thornton-Mitchell
Phoenix is a 6 year old lad that has been a Sanjo member since March 2018 and attends training with his dad.  He began training karate to make him healthy and strong.  In the beginning Phoenix was very shy, he wouldn’t even speak or look at anyone, but now he has so much spirit, he regularly answers questions in class and helps others too.
His favorite kata is Kihon Kata.
Phoenix wants to be a police officer when he grows up.  He feels like karate has given him more strength and confidence.
When he’s not doing karate he likes to read Goosebumps books, draw and play in nature and loves to spend time with his brother.
He recently passed his 9th kyu grading in November.


As always we love to highlight, celebrate and encourage all of our HDKI members, especially our children. We look forward to the bright karate future of Phoenix

Author: Editorial Team