You can start karate at any age…

By Amanda Gisby HDKI

You can start karate at any age
It will keep you fit and will help with your rage

No matter what style or class you select
You will get taught discipline, osu and respect

Shotokan, kykushin or maybe it’s wado
It really don’t matter as long as it’s budo

At first it seems hard awkward movements to master
It takes training and time more training makes faster

Beginners they have so many questions to ask
And to make their good progress they must stick to their task

The lower Kyu grades watch the black belts in awe
Trying to practice the thing that they thought they just saw

6th 5th 4th and so one must diligently train
Kata kihon and kumite again and again

The Next Step is 3rd kyu, Brown belt a huge leap
Almost a black belt but progress is steep

They got it, that’s great, relief, a great sigh
The hours of training so worth it to fly

Blackbelt, oh my word, some time to reflect
on the journey they’ve been on their karate ascent

But now is the time that the hard work’s just started
The dedication that’s needed not for the faint hearted

Author: Editorial Team